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A Journey of 1000 footsteps

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu


This past weekend was filled with the wondrous gift of friendship and insight, followed by the gift of giving, and, that gift was then given back to me with a warm feeling of admiration and love. With the icing on the cake, Sunday being a day of knowledge and self-reflection. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in my entire life.

And as Sunday drew to a close I concluded with writing in the final page of my journal I’ve kept for the last year. I’ve kept a written journal of my thoughts since I’ve been in high school. Close to more than a decade of thoughts written in books, it’s been a great source of inspiration to me to go back and see how much personal development has occurred within the span of 10 years, yet alone the last year, which, has been proven to be a year with the most highs and lows in my entire life.

I’m not 100 percent sure what in my life possessed me to keep writing a journal for so long, but I was reading the biography of Benjamin Franklin, and it seemed less “childish” to keep a journal of your thoughts. Ben wrote about his daily activities, experiments and other parts of his life as did Da Vinci, I believe its a great way to monitor personal growth and can be a great source of inspiration for future generations to come one day. I’m glad that I did and continue to do so, never know when they will come in handy.

It’s also great to see how life is full of highs and lows. I can smile to see how excited I was during certain high points in my life and learn how much emotional strength was created by working through my low points. And just how long did it take me to bounce back each time a low point occurred, and how did I do so and to whom was I with during a time of need.

I’m not going to write about how perfect I am. I’m not going to tell you every single relationship was a positive one and never ended badly. I’m not concern with how it might appear to other people as they read this. Truthfully, I am perfectly, imperfect. I have my faults and my weaknesses in life and I acknowledge what they are. We try so hard to be what everyone else wants us to be and we hold this image in our mind that if we don’t possess certain qualities, look a certain way or act a certain way that people will just not care about us anymore. I like the blunt honest truth, I am that I am, and acceptance has put me that much closer in-tune with myself, to then be able to work on my weaknesses in life. To understand relationships better and attract more wealth not just in possessions but spiritual. (Yeah, I’m one of THOSE types of people, sorry.)

Getting back to this past weekend, the greatest gift you can offer someone is your time, time well spent is time laughing and sharing in fond memories & creating new ones. And just the ability to share happiness with each other can instantaneously alter another persons path, as happiness & positivity is infections. Needless to say I am excited, I am filled with joy by the friendships that are in my life right now. And I wish I could just go on top of a mountain every single morning and shout out how grateful I am for all of them. And I guess this blog could be considered my mountain, but don’t take your friends for granted. Let them know how much they mean to you as a person, for real, it’s the most painful experience to wake up one morning and realize things aren’t how they were before. So appreciate them, not in what you say, but in what you can do, without anything in return.


Which brings me to another kind of friendship that I do love to have in my life, a person that you might not see them every single day, or week, month or even years but still find ways to communicate. They are there in your heart in some way shape or form, they might not tell you but just how much of an impact you, being you, has had on them.

Some of these friends drift away, gone off to do their own thing for sometime but something always draws you back into their lives. It could be a life event, or someone who is just willing to take the plunge to make an effort to reconnect because they miss that feeling you gave to them, but something draws you back to the essence of their being.

And the magic happens when that time in-between, never even really happened, you just picked up where you left off. You might have grown, experienced different things but you still remember that feeling you got from being around that person.

Friends are like stars they come and they go but only the true ones glow

So what does all these have to do with the above quote at the very top? Everything! Friendships are very important to a persons success, people have the ability to uplift you or drag you down to their level. So choose your friends wisely my friends, You want to surround yourself with individuals that are optimistic, not pessimistic. You want to have friends that believe in possibilities and not just be satisfied with how things are. And lastly you want to be around people that have the same sense of purpose and passion as you do. People that want to be there to share your excitement, challenge you to do great things with your life and can help them do the same in theirs.

I will leave you with this great interview with LeBron James, NBA superstar, who credits his success in the NBA to the friendship he developed before his success.

Be Brave – Be strong and Be Legendary
– Michael

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The Trials and Tribulations only make us Stronger

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” – Swami Vivekananda

My first day of entering Mohawk College as a mature student, in the Television Broadcasting course was to say the least, a tad bit scary but exciting at the same time.
It was scary in that, this was it, my dreams come true, what if I find out I spent my entire life chasing a phantom dream!? Once getting involved in the classes that
I find out that I completely dislike the whole idea of Television and it was all a waste of time? It was exciting because at the same time I just loved the pure
story telling aspect of Television, didn’t matter if it was visual or verbal it was the art of storytelling I loved and passionate about the most!

Piecing information together, creating the words that will go and really hit home visually to a story piece, the creative process of learning an entirely new
camera then what I’m use to and the importance of audio to your production was really invigorating. Thankfully, my friends that I’ve made in the previous course
I took also came with me into our first year television course. We also made sure we were in the proper section so we could all be together and wouldn’t have to
really meet new people.

I’m not going to lie, the course was very demanding, there was a lot of information to take in, not only are you trying to learn old methods of editing but at the
same time learn the new way of editing on the computer instead of tape to tape. But, I think after a few classes, and the first initial tests, once getting out on
the field and shooting, I knew right then and there this was a place were I was meant to be and I would work my butt off to make it through every single test, every
single shoot and make it my own.

Needless to say, again, it wasn’t that easy. There were events that transpired that I never really had to deal with before, like the whole idea of group work
and being a team player. It’s easy to be a team player when you’re getting paid to do so, but when you’re dealing with really good friends, and just getting marks
which should be as equal to if not more as money, you tend to slack with what is expected of you.

Some people go through school like they were a leaf in the wind, just bouncing from one class to another with out a care in the world never really looking
at the bigger picture and what is at stake, fail one test? I’ll make it up on the next one. But for others they really wanted to make their mark.
And some people need to be pushed up against the wall, so close to failing that they will do anything and what ever it takes to crawl back out of the hole,
nothing more embarrassing then not being able to graduate with your friends but not that, that type of person would care because they would just be pissing
their life away in the mean time.

And then there are just those that no matter what mark they get, they can always con people into getting what they want, and it might work for a majority of the time
but it doesn’t always suit your needs to be that way and rely on that method to create and manifest your destiny. There were very many great moments in that 3 year stretch
of television broadcasting course I could talk about, but none would compare to the First day I decided to to change my life around and the last day I would step into
that school as a Student.

Graduation from the course taught me one thing, dreams will stand on their own if you have passion and courage to pursue them, no matter how long it takes, no matter
what you have to go through during the process to get there. And it is ultimately not the final destination but the journey to get there that matters the most.
Graduation is simply a piece of paper acknowledging your efforts and a pat on the back. But it’s not the end, only merely a new beginning.

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