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And In the beginning God said let there be light.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ― Albert Einstein

Suppose I should start this blog from the beginning, when the miracle of birth first took place. Born April 2nd 1983 a day after April fools day, I saw the light for the very first time. Born into an immigrant family that moved from Italy to Canada, before I was born of course. The youngest of 3, both of which are of male persuasion.

My father, a hard working italian carpenter, strong male figure with a soft spoken heart and easy going. A man who loves nature and reading about history, he would love nothing more than just go exploring all day long in the near by forestry area.

And my mother, a woman of many jobs and talents, but the one she probably enjoyed most was being a mother to us three boys. Unless of course we didn’t do what we were told to do, but I’m sure that is like of all mothers.

The two of them raised us in a home my father built with his two hands and have been here since the 1970’s. We grew up next to our elementary school, only a hop skip and jump away, practically in our own backyard actually.

In the younger years of my life, I would say I was fuelled by imagination. I had 4 childhood friends, and we all lived within the same section of the neighbourhood. We would go out and use our captive imaginations to weave our own adventure stories. We would role play entire war story sequences that would last for days, create a futuristic worlds using what ever we had at our disposal, turning  average into something magical such as a run down skate board morphed into a futuristic hover board with time traveling capabilities.

My one friend, I always thought his dad was some sort of crazy creationist, not in the religious sense but because he was able to build his son a Go Cart. Of course who wouldn’t be envious of another child for having his very own personal Go Cart. This Go Cart set up the scene to many wondrous shoot em up gangster style cops and robbers scene.

My other friend, had collection of props, masks, toy guns and had a huge amount of space in his back yard that merely helped us facilitate our gangster style adventures and ironically lived across the street from the one that had the go cart.

These days I remember, for they were of a simpler time where using your imagination and ability to create was not frowned upon but encouraged! But alas with all good things, they must end. We grew apart and moved on from the life we knew and loved and developed and forged new friendships. But they mark unquestionably the beginning of everything for me, at least, in my mind what I can remember from my childhood.

This was the beginning, the beginning of my life long path of creating and adopting a creative imagination.

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