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Failure is not Fatal

“If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” Lou Holtz

And so the time came when I was first introduced to the rest of my life, I believe, this began in Grade 10 of my high school career where
I was exposed to the art of making movie magic! There was a course I took, Communication’s and Technology, at the time of entering into
high school the students that were in their final year truly inspired the creative in me. They were creating video’s and short films that
I could only DREAM of creating at the time.

I had the computer technology, I had the software for editing, I had energy, and ideas, but what I lacked was a camera to see things through.
When finally getting into the course, it opened my heart and mind to an endless possibilities. Here I was standing in what at the time was a HUGE
studio space, with all the latest in the technology. The High School I went to some how procured funding to create the most up-to-date studio
set up I’ve ever known for a High School to have!

Camera’s, lighting grid, Green screen, switcher and young hungry talented teenagers. I was in finally in my element, we learned the in’s and outs of
creating a live on-air show every morning for the announcements. Creating ENG pieces for the news to throw to, graphics, everything a Newscast needed.
It was a terrific and amazing time, it was there, where I would meet and join forces with a group of friends that had so much imagination to them
and had so many fun adventures that I just fell in love with the lifestyle of waking up each morning and do what I love to do which is create!

When it started getting closer and closer to the time of graduations, I had to make a choice of where will I begin the next phase of my journey.
I really always loved the reputation that Mohawk College in Hamilton carried with it. reminded me of the High School in a lot of ways.
That’s when I decided, I was going to do this, I was going to get into Mohawk College for Television Broadcasting no matter what!

When I explained this to one of my teachers at my high school his response after a little chuckle, he told me “If you go there, the only thing
you’ll end up doing is making safety tapes at Defasco” Needless to say this remark was not very encouraging to a young fresh and creative mind
like myself. I was determined to make it in, it was there I felt the sting of my first of many set back of struggling to remain who I am.

When I applied I had very high hopes, however, my marks just were not there. They then suggested I take the General Arts and Science course to boost
my chances of making it in. So I did, and I was accepted, but, again I struggled through out the process of doing something I didn’t love to do.
The subjects were not my thing, and eventually dropped out within the first year.

I then ended up taking the rest of the tuition money and buy my very first camera, it was a clunky hi-8 camera, nothing flashy but with it I was able
to create my own video’s and continue practicing my craft until next year and I would try to get into Television Broadcasting again. So I went to work,
my first ever REAL job, it was at the local bowling alley. It was there where I spent the next 7 years of my life, a wonderful experience to have happened
to me. I learned so much about, friendship, loyalty, customer service. And just to live a happy life style.

It got to year 3 of working there when things began to change for me, in the beginning, it was fun, it was exciting to learn something new every single day
about myself and my capabilities. But when summer time came, and all my high school friends came back and were customers it started to be depressing. Year after year,
my friends asking “so, what have you been up to?” and year after year saying “Just this?” took a tole on me, I stopped imagining myself going to Mohawk and just figured
I’d be there for the rest of my life, I was depressed.

Finally I was pushed and let my dreams off to the side for FAR too long! My determination to get back into things began to come back, and I started apply to Mohawk again
as a mature student, but again, faced with doom and gloom of failure once more! However this time, someone suggested I check out the “Pre-Media” course Mohawk
would begin to offer, again it was a way to increase my chances to get into the Television Broadcasting course and it was made for people like myself.

I was ecstatic! It sounded too good to be true, I applied and was accepted into their program! I set my sights on really doing well and focusing this time around
to make the grade and get myself into TV. The course was only one year, and while in this program I learned a lot about Photography, Video, and became friends with
the most amazing bunch of people. I was again in another element mode. My grades were great, I was creating awesome work with a great team of people! And had many, many great memories. And in the end, I graduated for that one year course with a certificate, a great achievement for myself, but that wasn’t the end.

The moment of truth came, I applied once more, and in the end I was finally accepted into the Television broadcasting course at Mohawk College.
The experience I under went was probably the greatest lesson I’ll ever learn, Failure is not fatal, it does not hurt us. Failures in life were meant to make us stronger,
overcoming adversity in life is apart of the game. We will win some, we will lose some, much like anything in life. The point is, if you’re truly passionate about something
and you set your sights and really focus on your goals, you can achieve anything! It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but as long as you never give up, you will get where you need to be eventually. Have faith and believe in what you do, for at the end of the day, it’s all we got.

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The Unconventional Way

“Pollock was well known, certainly, but for all the wrong reasons. He was known as much for being wild and unconventional in his working methods as for being a great artist.”
Kenneth Noland

The year is 1999, first year of High School, such a great time to be a teenager but also a horrific at the same time.
It was at this point in time where I really realized how different my mind work, thus the title “The UnConventional Way”
While my marks in the beginning of High School were good, they were not great either, I struggled all throughout High School.
I really, really needed to focus in order to have an acceptable grade. But, I often found myself in a trance, not really there
but still there enough to pay attention.

You see, it was around this time, I had bought my brand new shinny Pentium 100 MHZ computer, loaded with also the internet,
which I purchased with my own money I earned from delivering the local newspaper. You could only imagine my joy and happiness
of how I spent months even years saving up to buy my very own computer, that was mine all mine! And have myself connected to
the world wide web was just amazing and doing this all on my own.

I slowly became immersed into the online world, spending hours and hours and HOURS connected, being connected, and learning
what ever I could on the Internet. Yet, when it came to going into high school, that kind of focus just wasn’t there. I was
uninterested, even though I enjoyed the subjects like Science, Religion, Art, and so on and so forth, I lacked the ability
to focus and retain information for testing purposes.

Do you remember in science class how you had to make a model of a plant cell, showing how plants collect and store energy?
Well, this is how I knew that my life would go down an unconventional path.

At the time, my brother inspired me with all the awesome tasks a computer can do, you see my brother really loved designing on
Auto cad. In fact that is what he does for a living right now with his own business, designing homes. With that he was also
learning a new program for Dos called 3D Studio, a powerful 3d program, in the hands of a minor is dangerous!

I became consumed with this power that I was able to create these (at the time) amazing 3D Animations, which at the time since
I couldn’t afford a camera, I could create Animated stories with it. I just loved using this program and learning the in and outs
of piecing together an animation from scratch.

When it came down to creating that model, everyone in the class was just doing what they were suppose to do, build it using materials
they can get at the local art store and craft it that way. For some reason, this did not interest me at all, even though it was still
an art form, it didn’t excite me, I wasn’t passionate about it and I didn’t love it.

Instead I came in with a VHS tape to show my teacher the model that I made, thats right, you guessed it! I decided to create a 3D animation
of a plant cell instead of what ultimately would have been easier and less time consuming, of the traditional thrown together hand crafted model.
The animation consisted of a 360 degree rotation of the Cell and then cut in half to see the inner workings.

While it remains an unconventional way, the teacher agreed to mark it on its own merit, and sure enough I’m pretty sure I got an 80 or 90 percent on that
assignment. It was a mark that I took home to share with my parents and be proud of! Not only did I complete an assignment with an awesome grade
but I did this on my own terms to make those terms more exciting for me!

At this point, as the title says, I learned my life will succeed in many ways, and many of those ways will be unconventional.
While I struggle now, every day explaining myself to people and what I’d love to do with my life, they find it hard to understand and comprehend.

Being an artist is not a hobby for me, it is a life long journey, that I am extremely passionate about and cringe when people talk about it as though it is not an “Acceptable” career path. So it becomes discouraging at times to have to tell people and they look down upon my path, that chose me, I didn’t choose it. It’s also at times disheartening to hear people close to me say things like “Well, you still need to make money, why can’t you just get A job and do this on side”

It’s not as simple as it sounds, being creative is not a hobby for some, for some it is a way of life! For me my creativity comes out the most in the middle of the night, which it would be pretty hard to hold down a day job just to make money and work on what you’re truly passionate about at night. It’s not a matter of sacrifice, because as a creative I’m not willing to sacrifice this which I need more than I need oxygen, which is to be creative and channel my passions into what ever project I undertake such as writing a novel, children’s book or working on poetry, photography is another craft that I excel in that could potentially create a revenue stream for myself.

And while everyone else may see my approach as unconventional, I will bring home that report card at the end of my life, and it will say 100% Great job!
Sometimes life isn’t about a structured lifestyle, sometimes for some people it’s about defying the status quo of what life should look like and creating your own

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