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29 ways to stay creative


Lately I find myself, what use to be a side project, is now my complete and utter full time obsession. A series of interviews based off of the growing Tech & creative startup scene that’s growing rapidly in Hamilton.

I cannot explain my obsession fully, all I know is, If you build it, they will come. And while I still struggle to find different ways to monetize myself with this project, I know this obsession will not go away.

Part of it is just my fascination with the culture that is growing, people who have an idea and just say lets roll with it and become successful at what they do interest me. More so the D.N.A of an entrepreneur. What compels a person to create a business, what is in them, that sets everyone else that is just happy with their day to day job.

I wouldn’t say I’m knocking them, but isn’t there a need, or a fire within everyone to create something for themselves instead of just being told what to do?

My second part of the obsession is that I am hell bent on creating not just good content, but sharable content, content that people want to share with their friends to spread the message of what’s going on in Hamilton. Every once and a while I’ll get frustrated by people’s lack of understanding of my obsession with this project.

I could make it something I do part time, but if they actually knew how much effort goes into something of this nature they’ll realize that creating great content is a full time job. And while the investors aren’t there yet, I am positive they will come around and I am merely ahead of the curve right now.

The other reason why I’m so obsessed with TechTalk is that this serves as a vehicle for anyone that comes after, who are or were like me being so disenchanted by the Television and Film industry right now and only to become someone of lesser authority on the outcome of the creative process.

This serves as, if you work hard on something, build a strong following and audience, the people that don’t get it will have to soon enough.

It’s been a long road to this point in time, met a lot of great and inspiring people in my life. I hope I can leave something of a legacy behind here as well.

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