My passion for storytelling was very evident ever since I was young, I enjoyed writing, drawing & photography and using these three mediums together
to tell a story created such a thrill for me. It wasn’t until I was old enough to buy my first video camera where I began crafting my storytelling abilities to a new level. It lead me to take Television-Broadcasting at Mohawk College to advance my education in what I was passionate about.

After college I worked at a video production company where I found my second love, which was social media. And how social media can connect businesses to other businesses, building relationship through conversation, 140 characters at a time. It also lead me to work on numerous music video project and a couple pilot projects. Part of my work with the video production company involved some networking as well, this is where the worlds collided for me as I began crafting my skill sets as a community builder.

My passion for storytelling, social media, and community building gave me great leverage on how to use youtube properly, understanding the idea that youtube is not just a site to post videos and have people watch but to be actively engage the audience in a way thats never been done before from a storytelling perspective.

It wasn’t until a year ago when it all started to come together. I began shooting my own web series highlighting Startups in the area and sharing their stories.
And created a buzz around the Hamilton area. On a whim I also discovered the Toronto Web Series Community and was fortunate enough to attend one of their meet ups. Thats when the magic of inspiration of what they were building motivated me even further to push a similar community in Hamilton.

Building a bridge between the two cities and becoming an ambassador for Hamilton’s content creators. Which lead me to the opportunities which continue to unfold to this day. My goal is to raise awareness, build relationships, and help promote various content creators. And help build a vast network of content to share & build upon. And be able to help tell their stories with the rest of the world.

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