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Embracing all facets of emotions within

Sometimes in life it’s good to reflect on the past, not so much to dwell on life’s pain but realize what those emotional experiences and brought us to learn in life and ultimately how it created us.

With today being Sunday I essentially wanted a nice relaxing day before I go ahead and create the busyness that surrounds my life through the week. Decided to take a little trip out to one of my favourite spots to just sit and think about everything.

While a lot of us would never admit to talking to ourselves, I’m pretty sure everyone has at one point or another. That’s what I like to do when I head on up to this spot is talk to myself. And really listen to the words I would love someone else to say to me. But sometimes we don’t get those opportunities, sometimes we have to do it ourselves. And be our own best friend to convey a message that being alone or not having someone to confide in is okay.

That our existences is not dependent on others but upon ourselves, people can listen, but a majority of the time they’re only waiting for their chance to speak or be heard. As much as we like to think people have our best interest, people only serve themselves.

Which is fine, we must accept people and humans as they are not what we would like them to be. But we have that choice, that choice to be the person we wish to be. So we can potentially be the person that serves us great advice if only we listen to our heart. And we can be that person that listens to ourselves. Listen very closely to our every word and how we use those words to express emotion.

I think a lot, I think a lot about what does it mean to be human. What does it mean to truly exist and matter in this world. Why we avoid pain and suffering as if it were a plague to living life. If you ask me feeling & expressing emotion is the most human part of existence. No one likes to be sad or angry all the time but at the same time these emotions should be taught in a manner of how are we able to express them in a constructively and not in a de-constructively.

Happiness is a feeling we get when everything is completely in line, doesn’t mean its perfect but it’s perfect for that moment. Those moments should be cherished with all our heart. Happiness is not an emotion that stays around forever.

But realizing what brings us joy and happiness is needed, wanting less and feeling more joy in our lives and less dependent on things to bring us joy and excitement but being able to express our passion and inspirations that comes from doing what we love and not hating what we are doing so we can love what we can get from it.

Sadness is a feeling that is an array of emotions we feel. When we lose a loved one to just one of life’s series of events we go through this grieving process of realizing we won’t spend another moment with this person & they will be missed greatly. Instead of appreciating those moments we had with them and thanking the universe for bringing them into our lives at the right time and place when we needed them the most.

Sadness is something that we also feel when things just aren’t right in the world, such as don’t have a house or life turned out the way that it did. When we should be celebrating the simple things in life and not feel sad about what we don’t have but learn to appreciated and show gratitude to what we do have.

Angry is a fiery emotion it has the ability to be a powerful tool to use to get us to the next level in life. With anger we can use the revenge side of anger to creating something new from the ashes that anger brings into our lives.

Anger and being upset only shows how passionate and caring you might be over something as well. But again we have to use that anger constructively. We can’t let anger get the better of us and consume our lives.

All of these emotions equal up to one thing, building upon the human experience, to negotiate one with out the other is a travesty. Those who come from a background where everything is given to them will not know the power of struggle.

Those where love comes easy will not know the power of being alone or the power of fighting for something/someone they love!

Those that have the gift of money handed to them to do what ever they wish will never know what it’s like to earn and live from what they have in life and utilize that resourcefulness to create something that is valuable beyond measure.

People who are gifted at public speaking will never ever know the triumph of over coming their fear to create push and motivate someone with their words when they themselves have struggled in the past with it.

Emotion and personal struggles is what shapes the human experience, to live a life with out emotions is like feeling thirsty without having a liquid to drink in front of us.

We must follow our hearts where ever it might lead us even if it’s down a dark and scary place because of the fear of the unknown. We must then embrace the mysteries of living life to it’s fullest without hesitation. We must be sure of ourselves and what we are capable of by continuing to put us in harms way and not be afraid of pain or sadness or feeling angry and upset about something but to meet the challenges of how we handle our emotions and use it to full potential to sling shot our way to the place where we fear nothing.

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Reality Vs Perception Poem

Done in the style of the Meme “Draw My Life” this is a poem I wrote last week

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If you’re going to live today might as well live it the way you want to!


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

Yesterday I really took the day off, I really didn’t do anything at all except for watching movies
to get me inspired and engage in my imagination.

I believe we need those days, perhaps one or even two a week to really recoup the energy lost through
the course of the week. I feel no shame in saying I was completely lazy, it was well worth it!
When I finally snapped out of my laziness it was relatively late at night probably close to 2 or 3am in the morning
but when I get energized I rekindle my motivation.

So I drove to the local coffee shop where I frequent at night and began pouring my heart out into my writing
like it was no-bodies business.

I’m writing this post around 2pm now, and, I’m still killing it like a boss! I worked a little backwards by writing a little bit of the novel and a couple other things I was working on but I really wanted to put my tasks on paper. So I made myself a to-do list to help focus and really physically cross off each task one by one.

It’s amazing feeling to overcome the nasty habits that being creative has sometimes. We become so involved with relatively mundane things like checking Facebook and Twitter every two seconds to see what other peoples lives are up to when really we should be focusing on our life and making it one Epic Story to be told!

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Creative Minds Vlog – Companion video to turning 30

I create vlogs about my life, as part of my creative endeavours,
so here is the latest one I created yesterday about
the whole idea of turning thirty.

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April 10, 2013 · 9:20 am

The 30 Something kind of life

It is April 7th just a few days after my 30th birthday, 5am as I am writing this blog post trying to make sense of my no-none sense lifestyle how thought provoking!

On my birthday I decided to try and not make a big deal out of it, I don’t throw myself
parties to make myself feel happy that people want to spend time with me. And because it is a mile stone it’s something I feel I wanted to ease into and not throw a huge bash over.

I did however spend my day with a few people I have come to know and trust now and absolutely adore and that was as much celebrating I could ask for. I held off until Thursday from going out for a birthday drink, I had still lots to do and for the most part drinking sucks the energy right out of me. But none the less I did have a good experience with a couple people on Thursday to help me celebrate it in the fashion of a drink.

So, what is the point of all of this, truth of the matter is… I don’t have a clue anymore. I don’t want to say that the minute I turned 30 and all of a sudden nothing made sense to me because truthfully I’ve felt like this a majority of my life. Being 30 only makes you realize that chances are, half of your life is done, depending on if you live to be 60 or 80.

I want to say I have a really good job I enjoy and I’m happy with everything that I do, but again truthfully I am not. Then begs the question, what is the point of all of this? Again, I have not a clue. I think about risk all the time, what are the risk of doing this or that. Risk and fear a lot now, even though I know it’s not something I should focus on.

But I remember when I first tried to learn how to drive a car, my mother and I were heading to church and she asked me If I wanted to drive the car in. After failing my written test 4 or 5 times but finally nailed it, I figured it might be beneficial that I tried. The experience was awful, I wasn’t use to navigating the wheel at all. So much so, somehow I managed to just drive myself into a completely different lane.

Needless to say having the over protective mom in the car she started screaming at me making me even MORE nervous. I pulled the car over, and she drove the rest of the way. I did not touch the car after that for close to 2 or 3 years.

I look back now, and, I was thinking about this earlier as I am driving in and out of traffic and drove for the last like 5 years probably that fear is the enemy of life. We fear so many things as a society. The entire idea of not being normal and not being accepted we fear.

My greatest fear right now is that I am not able to be what I was born to be, that I would give into this ‘Normal’ Society to work at a job that doesn’t bring me any passion to my life but only pays the bills. I want a life that when I look back on that people will feel inspired by the things I’ve accomplished in such a short a matter of time.

I want the next few months to really take fear and throw it out the window, just like driving and get right back into the swing of things, I may never be perfect at life. But I don’t have to be I just want to get on that road, my road.

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